What is The Herd?

The Herd is the student alumni association of the CU-Boulder Alumni Association and is the largest student organization on campus with approximately 5,000 members.

Our Vision and Mission

Vision: An organization that invests in its future alumni and inspires a lifelong commitment to our Alma Mater.

Mission: The Herd is a student organization dedicated to improving the college experience of CU-Boulder students.  The organization strives to promote inclusiveness, camaraderie, and Buff pride by providing a positive and prideful CU experience, growing the relationship between students and alumni, and strengthening old and building new traditions.

There are three major aspects that The Herd focuses on:

  1. CU Students wearing CU Herd Gear (all the gear is free once you join the Herd)
  2. CU Students being a part of memorable traditions (through Herd events)
  3. CU Students saving money around CU and Boulder (through our member benefits)

What does it mean to be a Herd member?

Any CU student can sign up to be a Herd member. Once you are a Herd member there is no obligation of what you must do. Members can attend what they want and skip those things that don’t interest them. Herd members are a diverse group of students who foster pride in CU and enjoy all that The Herd has to offer. Whether you are looking for camaraderie, a ride to the ski slopes, fun pregame parties, discounts all over Boulder, or just want to spread the Buff pride, The Herd offers something for everyone. Join anytime!

Who runs The Herd?

The Herd is run by 15-20 student Herd Leaders. This volunteer student group, known as The Herd Leadership Council, helps plan and carry out the great events that keep the Herd a vital part of the campus and growing. Being a Herd Leader provides an opportunity to grow as a person and to gain important leadership, marketing and advertising and event planning skills. There are also great perks like trips to away football games, fun retreats, valuable friendships, and leadership opportunities. Apply to be a Herd Leader today!

Where is The Herd located?

Koenig Alumni Center

Our home, The Koenig Alumni Center, is located at Broadway & University across from Starbucks.

For more information about The Herd, to join, or to become a Herd Leader, please contact:

Marni Spott

Koenig Alumni Center

(303) 492-3634


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